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About the program
The specialty (222 Medicine) corresponds to the second level of higher education "Master" and is aimed at training professionals capable of professional medical activity as a doctor. After completing the program and successfully passing two state qualifying exams (3rd and 6th year), you will receive a state diploma and the opportunity to work in many medical specialties (after internship).
6 years
study duration
form of study
state standard
Key disciplines
Human anatomy
Internal diseases
Surgical diseases
Obstetrics and gynecology
Competitive offer for admission
at the masters level of higher education
Competitive offer
1. Ukrainian language - 100
2. Mathematics or chemistry - 150
3. Biology or physics - 150

* Competitive score not less than 175
Study process
Diploma - you will receive after successfully passing two state qualifying exams
Internship - receive a certificate of completion of education after successfully passing the 3rd state qualifying exam
Choose a direction for your career growth
Career prospects
Specialties that our graduates can work on
Family doctor
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Frequently Asked Questions
What documents do I need to enter?
The list of documents for admission depends on the selected program. You can get acquainted with the detailed list of documents for admission on the page for Applicants
Does the University help with employment?
The International Humanities University is actively involved in job search for graduates. IHU coordinates partnerships with many public and private medical institutions in Odessa and Odessa region. Thanks to the grant support programs for the best students during their studies, they have the opportunity of continuous contact with stakeholders who provide guaranteed employment after graduation.
Where can I build a career after studying at the IHU?
Thanks to our partner companies, students can do internships in clinics, medical institutions, hospitals and laboratories, and the most successful of them are invited to permanent work. We conduct business tours of these companies so that you can learn more about internal processes and implement the acquired skills in your future career.
    Is it possible to undergo military training at the IHU?
    Yes, you can go through military training and get the military rank of "junior lieutenant of the reserve."
    Are there any budget places for the Faculty of Medicine and Public Health?
    The Faculty of Medicine and Public Health provides budget places, for more detailed information call or write us
    How can I pay for tuition?
    Payment for tuition can be made in two ways:
    • bank transfer according to the details specified in the agreement;
    • bank card
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